IT Consulting

Providing top-notch IT consulting is not just business, but a passion of ours. By sharing our expertise, we can help you shorten the way to achieving your goals. Our experts had the chance to accumulate years of experience and know-how in various fields of the IT industry. We will gladly put our skills and experience to work, in order to assist you in finding the most suitable approach for your desired IT solution or help you optimize your current system and infrastructure.

Netreact is your partner for challenging IT projects

Overview of our main consulting services

* Web technology, architecture and infrastructure consulting

Whether if you plan to start a new web project or need to enhance your existing web applications, we are ready to assist you in determining the optimal web technology and system architecture that will suit your current and future needs. We focus on three main points: the use of the best industry practices, experience and latest technologies in order to achieve durable, scalable and cost effective system design and infrastructure. We can also help you minimize the risks of data loss and downtime by introducing redundancy in all critical points of your system, to ensure that your services keep running 24/7.

* Web performance consulting

We have been fortunate to work on some of the largest and most visited websites in the present day internet space, and we have learned the importance which every single byte of data or every single millisecond of processing time holds. Our knowledge is not limited to the design of high performance solutions but extends to the detection and elimination of bottlenecks in existing applications. Our expertise in the field of application fine-tuning has proven worthy in enabling our customers’ applications to handle increased load and serve more users using the same available infrastructure.

* Scalability consulting

When the infrastructure or technology that a company uses, reaches its limit, best case scenario would be the deployment of additional servers. As simple as it might sound, adding new pool of resources will not help nearly as much as it would be expected, if the architecture of the system in question is not designed to use them productively. Not only database and application layers scale really well when the proper technology is used, but also a variety of other services is a subject to scalability by using distributed algorithms. Our team of senior experts can provide you with the support you need, combining experience with well proven practices and know how in this area.

* Security audit

Information security is a crucial point in the development and operation of web sites and web based applications. Our experts can conduct an audit of your entire infrastructure, analyze and identify the weak spots in your systems and propose all necessary steps to eliminate them. Relevant activities include, but are not limited to: detection of SQL injections, cross site scripting, local and remote file inclusion and other intrusion attempts, DoS/DDoS protection and mitigation, firewall configuration, antivirus checks and updates.